Derek Jeter’s 30,875 Sq Ft Mega Mansion Finally Finished

After a years worth of construction, Derek Jeter is now the proud owner of the biggest home in all of Hillsborough County.  His new Mega Mansion is on Davis Islands in FL and is a monstrous 30,875 square feet in size, which is roughly the same size as a Best-Buy electronics store.  It is twice the size of the previous #1 home which is just across Hillsborough Bay, and makes everything around it look small and insignificant.

The waterfront mansion has 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and wraps around the pool in the backyard which overlooks the water.  There is also two large boat lifts with a private dock.

Jeter’s new home was built with two expansive wings that are connected by a center section, 2 separate 3 car garages on the ends of both wings, and a drive-through portico in the front for all of Jeter’s guests.

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