British Football Star Gary Neville Designs Underground Flower Shaped House

Gary Neville, the former captain of the Manchester United, wants to build an extremely interesting underground home in Bolton, UK. Although, he’s currently having a little trouble completing it as the town’s planning committee has so far rejected the proposal. Neville however is not giving up and continues to pursue for his underground flower shaped house to be completed; arguing that the house is extremely eco-friendly.

The 8,000 sq-ft, 4 bedroom home is deliberately embedded into the contours of the Pennine hillside to minimise the impact on the surrounding moorland. It has a roof of flora and meadow grasses which flows seamlessly over the property and into the landscape. The home has been designed to consume less energy and uses a ground source heat pump, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine in order generate on-site renewable energy. If approved and once fully completed, it would be the first zero-carbon property in north west England.

Content and photos courtesy of Business Insider and

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