Ray Lewis Home, Baltimore, Florida, and the 500 Rehab Homes in Baltimore

Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl once again

Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens linebacker and an NFL stud, is about to take his team to the Super Bowl once again. Over the last 17 years Lewis has had an amazing NFL career, set the bar high for other athletes, hit some new records, and now has some remarkable homes to show for it.

Lewis’ 28 Acre Ranch Style Home in Baltimore

Ray Lewis Home, Baltimore, Florida, and the 500 Rehab Homes in Baltimore

Lewis’ home in Baltimore, which he purchased for $1.950M in 2003, is a 28 acre ranch style home off Tufton Avenue in Reisterstown. According to the Baltimore Fishbowl, Lewis’ Baltimore home is his main residence, and is actually extremely close to the house of retired Baltimore Orioles‘ Cal Ripken. Lewis’ home was renovated in 2006 and includes brick pillars at the end of his driveway with stone horse heads, an open family room with grand piano, as Ray is taking private piano lessons, a prayer room, and other lavish features throughout. According to Channel Magazine, Lewis’ home “is complete with every conceivable amenity…” and resembles “a posh luxury hotel, overflowing in a sea of opulent golds and creams with pops of color.”

Lewis’ Waterfront Home in Florida

Lewis’ Florida home in Highland Beach, is where you can find him relaxing during the off season and soaking up the sun. Lewis purchased the home for $5.220M back in 2004 and at one point was attempting to sell it for $10.9M. Neither one of Ray’s homes have a lot of pictures that have made it out to the public eye.

Lewis Rehabbing 500 Homes in Baltimore

Ray is also on a mission to help other people have a better place to call home and raise their families. Lewis is apart of a pilot program called Bring it Home, where the overall goal is to rehabilitate 500 homes in Baltimore. The program is actually a partnership of 3 nonprofit organizations that plan to invest $30M dollars of private money in order to improve housing in both Baltimore and Atlanta. Not only are they helping with housing, but the nonprofits also plan on providing financial education for the families living in these homes.

Lewis, the Ravens, and the NFL

Lewis was drafted by the Ravens in 1996, and he’s played his entire career with the team. He helped lead the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory in 2000, and was the 2nd linebacker in NFL history to win the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award. Not only that, but Lewis was also the 1st linebacker to win the award on the winning Super Bowl team. He also won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2000 and 2003, was the 6th player to win this award multiple times, was named an Associated Press All-Pro 10 times, and has been selected to 13 Pro Bowls. Needless to say, Ray Lewis is an NFL stud.

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Ray Lewis Home, Baltimore, Florida, and the 500 Rehab Homes in Baltimore

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